Facing Fears and Moving Forward

A fearless person is probably nonexistent. We all have fears. It is part of being a human. It is difficult to face fears. Mainly because we think we are too weak to fight them. There are a lot of scary things in life such as ghosts, monsters, aliens and even spiders. In the real world, nasty things are everywhere, and they are there to creep you out. Of course, fear is not only physical. The worst fears can’t be touched or seen. One of these is being a failure. Failure. What comes into your mind when you hear that word? Each one of us has different interpretations of the world failure. In my own perspective, failure means being a disappointment to our loved ones. It is being unsuccessful in achieving a goal. It is something we try to avoid. Have you experienced failing?

There are times when we can’t avoid failing. Of course, it is inevitable. It’s okay to have failure sometimes if it is not tolerated and not a habitual form. We all have bad times and that is life. Life is like a wheel rolling continuously. There are days when we feel like we are on top of the world, happy and successful and there are also days when we are on the ground, struggling to make ends meet or coping with emotions. Well, there are also normal days, when our physical bodies and minds get their chance to rest.

These failures are just the rain before the rainbow. Before we arrive at our destination, we must exert effort and be determined. Yes, the journey in achieving something is hard but overcoming failures is even harder. I overcome failures by having a positive mind. Instead of being discouraged, I set my mind to be driven. I always remind myself that these struggles are just temporary. Being negative will lead you nowhere. Also, look at the brighter side of things. I’m not saying that you must pretend that everything is fine. Just imagine all the wonderful things that will happen to you once you have overcome obstacles or when you achieve your goals.

Another way of how I overcome failures is finding inspiration from my surroundings. I get inspired by my family and friends. They are the reason why I don’t give up and continue to move forward. They are my strength and motivation every day. I offer every success to them. If it weren’t for their love and support, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I wanted to. Once I see them happy and proud of me, all the sweat I lost and the tears I have wept are all worth it.

Move forward and be a successful leader for your own self. I strongly believe that self-motivation is the key. Motivate yourself to become a better version of yourself. Strive to do only the best of things. Never ever settle in the past and leave those mistakes and failures behind. Focus on the present and enjoy your journey. While you are at it, love and savor every moment. Grab opportunities that are on your way because I tell you, they are once in a lifetime.


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