Global Political Leadership and the Public:


Wars, rampant injustice, and political turmoil – these are the problems that the world is facing today. Seeing the destruction that global political leaders and international companies are causing, one might lose hope that the situation will ever change. If only our leaders were responsible, open-minded, patient, and fair! Salar Khan’s Global Political Leadership and the Public his fourth book reveals this is not an unattainable dream. In this eye-opening book, nd out how global leadership aects where our world is headed and acquire the skills necessary to become the best you in all aspects of your life. Building on the work of great minds from Plato to Freud, Salar oers a riveting, contemporary take on leadershipand the skills an ideal leader should be equipped with. Global Political Leadership and the Public is an essential read for everyone, as we should all learn how to lead better, since true leadership starts with leading ourselves through the challenges we have to face in life. Acquire the necessary skills and mindset to become a natural-born leader with the guidance of an expert who shares his motivating personal experience with all his readers.