Changing Trend of Leadership Role

According to my personal observation during the last two to three decades, most leaders developed a fear of failure and of losing their jobs, which led to reduced confidence in their own abilities and job security. Therefore, leaders want to play safe to keep their jobs, and they become more defensive. Now most leaders are scared to take change initiatives in institutions or organizations, which is the main cause of suffering and shutting down the organization. This leads to a vicious cycle of low morale and low trust in their own abilities, which further leads to poor productivity and decreased expectations. Failure of leadership further erodes trust in management. Failed leaders are quitting jobs and are redeployed to other organizations, and if failure continues then they are removed from a company. If they luckily succeed, then they play defensively to maintain their position. Now time is money, life is fast, the expectation of success of the organization is very high, nearly everyone is materialistic, market competition is tough, and it is difficult to find a job according to the skill of the individual. Job mismatch with skill is also a huge issue these days, which probably leads to burnout. Fear of failure is the major issue, due to which leaders developed reduced focus on issues, which leads to reduced clarity of mind and losing control; therefore, leaders are not accepting challenges or not taking any chances due to a lack of confidence. Many leaders choose to follow instead of lead due to fear of failure, and, unable to take risks, they play safe and keep quiet when things get worse. These leaders do not trust their own abilities. When leaders become followers, they make excuses and blame others for deficient performance.

  During my childhood, life was simple because I grew up in a third-world country; people were not too materialistic, they were sincere, there was a lack of social class distinction among people, and the markets were not very competitive. Leaders were comparatively confident and had the skill to run the organization. Nonetheless, I still knew many high-functioning individuals with no formal training who were running great businesses. This came to show me that there was something natural about leadership that could not be taught in a classroom but was rather cultivated from within.

I unlocked at least my several hidden capabilities and converted them into abilities to perform under adverse situations with strong positive outcomes due to self-confidence, self-motivation, no fear of failure, strong faith in my own abilities, clarity of vision and goal, and know-how to get results. Now my mind is tuned to think out of the box to find unique solutions to issues. Human beings are created with the element of curiosity to discover new knowledge to progress in this world. If they are lacking a few abilities of leadership, they can learn from my book.


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