My New Book: Global Political Leadership and the Public: An Essential Guide To Learn the Necessary Skills and Mindset

Salar Khan’s Motto

“You can do anything if you are dedicated to achieving your goals. Nothing is impossible.”

This has been Salar Khan’s motto since childhood, and this is the approach he seeks to instill in all his readers. Besides faith, insight, integrity, optimism, and open-mindedness, we all need dedication and determination to set goals for ourselves and make them happen. If we strive to become leaders, we will need something more – we will need to improve our leadership skills and develop our intuition.

Although leadership is partly genetically coded, we can all strive to do more and become better. By understanding the psychology of personality development and the neurological background of how our brain works, readers will be better equipped to tackle all the obstacles that have kept them from achieving their full potential as natural-born leaders.


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